The Glen Garry Evictions

Grouse Beater

Anniversary of the Battle of Culloden | Transceltic - Home of the Celtic  nations

One could argue the infamous Clearances, driving people off their land without a care where they go or what happens to them, began as soon as an overweight 23-year-old Butcher Cumberland was desperate to raise his reputation after losing the Battle of Fontenoyagainst the French. He found it soon enough by taking revenge on the Scots, and in particular, their alliance with the French.

The Marquess of Berkhampstead, Viscount Trematon and Earl of Kennington,son of King George II and his wife Caroline of Anspach, Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, knew his destiny. He found the moment: stopping Prince Edward Stewart’s claim to the throne, and snuffing out the Jacobite rebellion’s series of battle wins, including one at Prestonpans.

The brutal campaign to pacify an entire nation did not end on the blood red grass of Culloden. Like a secretary of state working from his office away from the reality…

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