BBC Scotland not reporting that Tories are to stab Scottish hill-farmers in the back next with Oz deal

Talking-up Scotland

As the back-stabbing of Scotland’s fishing industry falls off the even the few pages it did make, the UK Government is set to betray Scotland’s hill-farmers with its Australian trade deal. In the FT and the Financial Review, below, but not featuring in Scotland’s MSM at all:

UK officials said Australian and New Zealand negotiators were holding firm on demands for full tariff liberalisation, which Ms Truss was under pressure to grant in order to meet the G7 deadline, perhaps phased in over a 10-year period. But such a deal risks inflaming arguments over Scottish and Welsh independence because the likely impact of zero-tariff imports of Australian lamb and beef will land hardest in rural areas such as Scottish and Welsh hill farms. Mr Gove, a former UK environment minister who, when in office, pledged that UK farmers would be protected by tariffs in the event of a…

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