Publish and be Damned

Grouse Beater

Scotland from the Sky | Historic Environment Scotland
Scotland – a wealth of natural resources – most of all, a recourceful people

This glowing article on Scotland’s ability to flourish if reinstated as an autonomous country was published as a London School of Economics Paper a few days ago – and suddenly vanished. Highly positive about Scotland’s economy, you need no familiarity with a John le Carrénovel to know someone in authority made a phone call, par for the course from a brutal British establishment determined to keep Scotland ignorant and docile.

The two English academics having done their research, honest enough not to doctor results. Some of it is necessarily technical, as is the duty of those researching economics. I got hold of a copy and republish it here in full. The argument is one of many that has appeared from south of the Border and further afield making plain the wealth of Scotland is more…

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