These are things we can share- and add to as we find out more. The more people know, the more powerfully we will drive through this mess and keep momentum going to independence. The abuse of power- like this- depends on secrecy and fear. The antidote to these things is always to share information- and put the spotlight on the ones that lurk in the background. Lets keep going.


Photo by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels.com

My article yesterday stirred up a lot of comments, some offering new information. I thought readers might be interested in reading this one today from A Mr Le Carre.


“They suggested I have a look to his early career, a period not extensively covered in his biography published on the Crown Office website. They tell me he was for a time an employee of the security services, he later worked for a time in Paisley (to his credit) before joining the criminal investigation team into the Lockerbie Bombing, attending the entire high security trial in the Netherlands before spending some years in the Foreign Office.All things considered my sources suggest I should pay more attention to the second word in his job title than the first. ”

In many ways this is the most important passage in this very…

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