Marr spares Boris the facts

Talking-up Scotland 2021

As I await delayed responses to previous complaints, today’s Andrew Marr Show suggested the need for another. Do follow me if you can.

I wrote minutes ago to complain:

On the 29th November, Andrew Marr confronted the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, using data from weeks 43 to 46 only to suggest: ‘The data does (sic) not really back you up. In terms of death rates over the over the last four weeks, Covid-19 on the death certificate, figures from the ONS and the National Records of Scotland, on every week, Scottish death rates are considerable worse than the English death rates, week after week.’ Today on the 3rd January, Marr interviewed the Prime Minister against the background of recent ONS/NRS data showing the death rate in England to be twice that in Scotland and the infection rate to be more than twice as high. Notably the rates had…

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