Nuclear – Its Not Clean, Green, Safe or New: “New Green Industrial Revolution”


Letter sent to Boris Johnson today by Radiation Free Lakeland following unveiling of the Green Industrial Revolution “10 Point Plan”

On the Irish Sea bed – decades worth of Sellafield radioactive waste discharges – Under the Sea bed. – the plan for the Coal Mine.

Dear Prime Minister

Radiation Free Lakeland are a small voluntary nuclear safety group in Cumbria.  Inclusion of nuclear in the new green industrial revolution strikes us with absolute horror.  In our experience there is nothing new, safe, clean or green about nuclear.  Below we have summarised 10 Points Why you should Strike Nuclear Out of the “Green Industrial Revolution.”  There are many more points but we have stuck with 10.

The Government’s 10 point plan states: ” Advancing nuclear as a clean energy source, across large scale nuclear and developing the next generation of small and advanced reactors, which could support 10,000 jobs”.

Nuclear as “green”…

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