If we all put Scotland first, the solution, I believe is exactly as you say. Get it out in the open. Follow the rules. Foil the unionists who would use all this maliciously against Scotland’s chance of independence. The people involved in the plot must accept the consequences of what they did. The most serious consequence for each one of them is that the SNP should not under any circumstance ask any other member of the party to trust them. They should be given the chance to speak on their own behalf perhaps- but they were either foolish or malicious- or perhaps both. The point is that Scotland is on the brink . Scotland MUST come first. We need someone like Tricia to take hold of this and sort it. You are absolutely right.



It is inevitable that there will be questions surrounding the activities of any political party. Normally these cause little problem and can be easily answered and explained to the satisfaction of all, or certainly the vast majority.

The problems only start when the questions are not answered and when those who should be doing the answering and explaining hide behind a wall of silence and evasion.

Such action makes things invariably worse than they need be. It convinces those asking the questions that there is indeed something here that can’t be answered without revealing something quite major, embarrassing or very wrong indeed. If the questions being asked are on very serious topics it is highly unlikely avoidance in answering will be a successful strategy. The problem will escalate with those determined to get the answers and seeking the appropriate measures taken to solve the problem.

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