A useless bit of rubbish passed off as an heirloom

Thank goodness for WGD. This is so bad.

Wee Ginger Dug

So there you are, watching BBC1 and clutching a Battle of Britain commemorative mug in a living room bedecked with union flags and red white and blue bunting and all ready to break into a rousing chorus of There’ll Be Red White and Blue Birds Over the White Cliffs of Dover in order to show everyone how much you despise nationalism. Because as those young pilots fought and died in the skies above the south of England eighty years ago, they were doing it so that in future years a team of estate agents from Leighton Buzzard would be able to buy broken down auld tat in the hope it could be sold for a profit on a telly show. That’ll show those vile separatists. That was the scene in Jackie Baillie’s house today as she prepared to settle down in front of the BBC and its repeat of Bargain…

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