Warning: Contains Tory chicken

Wee Ginger Dug


The leaderette of the Tory branch office in Scotland and the living embodiment of the truth of the principle of nominative determination, DRoss, has promised us this weekend that he’ll stand up to the Johnson administration on the issue of chlorinated chicken. “I would have no hesitation in voting against any legislation which would allow chlorinated chicken or hormone-injected beef into this country. That’s a categorical assurance,” said DReck in a tweet on Sunday.

Isn’t that just marvellous? A Scottish Tory with a backbone. That’s as rare a creature as a chlorinated chicken with teeth and an active interest in telling the truth. So rare in fact, that it doesn’t exist. Just like DRudge’s backbone. Or indeed his ability to tell the truth.

The uncomfortable fact for DRivel here is that just a short while ago he voted against the very thing that he now claims he’s going to stand…

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