Aspiring to normality

Wee Ginger Dug

The UK has a government whose model for building a new relationship with Europe is trashing a bar in Benidorm while on a week long drunken bender. In Tory Britain in the 21st century the only boom industry is the search to find new synonyms for screw up. You may be familiar with the cartoon series Rick and Morty, in which mad genius scientist Rick takes his grandson Morty on adventures through bizarre and disturbing parallel dimensions. This is the dimension where things are so messed up that Rick took one peek before deciding that the dimension in which pickled gherkins are sentient made a lot more sense. Pickled gherkins have more of a spine than anyone in the Conservative party, and you can pick them out of your burger and throw them away because they taste boggin. Scotland is stuck with a bad taste in its mouth from theā€¦

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