Getting Union fleg knickers in a twist

Just keep thinking about that awful symbol of “Rule Britannia”, all the damage done to rest of the world, while we raised it over every continent. What pathetically rampant anachronistic imperialism infects the angry heads of those who invented this upset? What narrow twisted agenda do they think they are going to enforce on the rest of us? Ridiculous!

Wee Ginger Dug

I thought it was only spittle flecked nationalists who were supposed to care about things like flags? After all, that’s what our British nationalism-isn’t-nationalist-at-all friends are always telling us. Not caring about nationalist symbols like flags is one of the many things that they claim makes them morally superior to lesser breeds like Caledonian separatist types. Only nationalists invest pieces of cloth with a mystic style symbolic resonance. Supporters of the British state, not being nationalist at all, oh no, like to portray themselves as being as high above that sort of thing as a flag flying high on a flag pole. So it’s strange then that this week they’ve got themselves all worked up into a spittle flecked paroxysm over a flag. Some of them have been particularly keen to let us know that their opinion and outrage is especially valid because they’re one quarter Scottish. Then they tweet…

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